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6 meds that can be worse than the ailment

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the medication turned out to be worse than the pain? Nowadays, many people around the world are being afflicted by the side effects of some medications they consider safe. 

The reason why people are still taking in those pills and medications is because they have decided to trust in the distinct companies that produce them. However, some of them really do have some side effects on the patients. Let’s take a look at these six medications that outstand in this aspect.

  Actos – a diabetes drug causing more trouble than the same diabetes

Actos is a drug used by type 2 diabetes sufferers. It is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals which is the biggest pharmaceutical company based in Japan. These pills have received FDA approval in 1999, and it has been making a lot of money for the company since then.  Yet, long-term use of this drug has been linked to serious health problems in patients, leading the company to serious lawsuits too. (LINK1)
If you take your time and go to a website referred to this medicine because somebody once told you it really worked, you might get amazed at the incredibly long list of side-effects that you might endure if you are a diabetic. A lot of doctors have already quit prescribing this pill as it has been proven to even cause cancer. What is worse, the intake of this medication is also associated to heart failure and liquid.
Diabetics can’t eat sugar but if they are on Actos, they probably should take some sweet snacks in the bag or under sleeve just in case Actos leads diabetics to have those “sugars” low. If you are a woman and you are diabetic, these pills also have the ability to make you ovulate over and over again. So, take this chance to become a mother if you aren’t but also beware of bladder cancer as it was the latest Actos’ famous trend. (LINK2)


Paracetamol- When you want to kill the pain, with some terrible side-effects in return

Paracetamol in many places in the world is considered a very cheap painkiller. It is a very common pill in South America, therefore people tend to always pop it whenever they have a headache or for almost everything. This is because it has been unthinkable to say the pill is not safe or effective. Nevertheless, using this drug for everything in a continuous way can bring about some side-effects that may change your doctor’s mind about prescribing this pill again.(LINK 3)
As explained above, Paracetamol is regularly sold like hot cakes, meaning people pop it on a regular basis to alleviate any pain, hence many house owners have it in the pantry. But think twice before using. It has been proven that Paracetamol may be the culprit for kidney failure and problems in your liver. Oh yes, beers are not the only culprit, so if you are such a boozer and like making up excuses for your cirrhosis, you may find one in the pill.
In addition to that, the magazine Annals of the Rheumatic diseases issued an article in which states that poppers who usually take Paracetamol are likely to die unexpectedly of a heart attack. (LINK4)
Imagine taking a shower and then death comes to you because you overlooked what you read in this article. It would not be fun. Thus, I think it’s time to take down a notch a little with the Paracetamol intake for your constant hang-over…or cephalalgia.
Laxatives, the solution but just for a while
As we already know, laxatives are medications prescribed for constipation. What many people don’t know is that there are several kinds of laxative, that is, when suffering from constipation due to an extra large pizza you binged on with your friends, it is never advisable to turn to the first laxative you see in the first aid kit at home. Laxatives can be artificial or natural, can be weed, plants and even fruits like bananas or papayas. Either way, if taken excessively, they can take a toll.
Who would’ve thunk it? You’ve just come from quite a dinner party and when you want to go to the toilet, you can’t do number two because all the food you indulged in last night are there in your bowels.  Then you call a friend named laxative who always lends you a hand. But it shouldn’t be like this way all the time. According to some researches, laxatives can cause several knock-on effects such as pain at the moment of making water, shortness of breath, difficulty in swallowing, and irregular heartbeats.(LINK 5)
Incredibly, the first thing that cross people’s mind when they are constipated is the use of this medication. And they exceed the limit of 10 days of intake that doctors recommend as regards laxatives. Laxatives can lead to chronic constipation. So, if you are one of those who overuse this drug, don’t complain then when “Mr. Stool” doesn’t wanna go to the pool.(LINK6)
  Anxiety medication – that can distress you more till you climb a tree

Defining anxiety medication can be redundant or too much school-like but it’s not a bad idea anyway. Especially when there are many people who have become such pill-poppers  and real fans of these pills due to the effects they cause. Anxiety pills are drugs that help reducing stress and anxiety. In the world, these medications are divided into two branches, those which are pharmacological and those which aren’t. We are going to address the side effects of the pharmacological ones because people tend to fall in love with these drugs faster.
First off, it is important to admit it is extremely evident that some believe they can take this medicine for good. You can’t do this. Why? It’s easy to explain. If you pop anxiety pills on a minute, second, or daily basis, let me tell you you’re spoiling your body creating dependence over time. Other side effects in the pack include stomach upsets, blurry vision, weight loss or weight gain (if you want to keep trim, don’t try this; try burgers), insomnia (a nice opportunity to become a night owl) and suicidal thoughts (well, no comments here).(LINK 7)
Well, another effect not to be left out is erectile dysfunction. It’s not death but almost.(LINK8)
Sleeping tablets – that can make you sleep for ever

Too anxious to go to bed?. Did you have a bad hair day as to concentrate for a shut-eye? Sleeping pills have been used for this purpose since day one. They are drugs that go directly and have an effect on our nervous system making us drop off at work, or go to bed like a little baby at night after a stressful day. They put us in off-mode by slowing up our nervous system and standing in for the GABA receptors. They have been proven to be always on top but again, don’t get hooked otherwise you will not be able to count the cows jumping in the clouds at night.
One of the most remarkable side effects is more insomnia. Yes, despite this drug is widely prescribed to occasional insomnia sufferers, abusing these pills can result in more insomnia. The other side effect to point out is the dependence. This will probably make you procrastinate many things and skip classes or work because you are “sleeping on” your problems or maybe counting the endless number of cows jumping the clouds. Other than the mentioned effects, aggressiveness may also say present as well as hallucinations, psychosis and nightmares. Yes, this time, the cows may disappear sometimes, and your mother may show up in your dreams, ordering you to do the dishes.(LINK9)
Ah, I almost forgot it! Don’t ever combine this pill with another medication! This is not alcohol! Consequences could be really hard on you. If you consider the drug is not kicking in properly, try reading a book, watching the ceiling or the paint dry!
6.       Supplements and vitamins- doing people a bad turn
No matter if you are a gym-goer or not, nowadays the fad of taking supplements and vitamins has turned into a hobby for many. People just don’t care about doing their own research on the components that these manufactured products have. Needless to say the chemistry of some of them is admirably natural but others are actually drugs as such. We should tend to lean towards the natural way to obtain vitamins for our body but most of us are stiff-necked.
The point that concerns doctors and scientists here is the amount of “artificial powers” that make up these tablets. They are not natural at all and this is troubling since it is causing heart diseases and heart attacks to people. As per Paul Offit’s expertise, not even the oil fish pill, which was once the magic protector against cardiac arrests and heart diseases, is not indeed so reliable. He states there’s no such evidence, or at least factual or provable evidence that fish oil protects people from a cardiovascular disease or heart attack.(LINK10) In case you are already a grown-up, forget about this miracle. Going for a walk with your little dog looking for a place to make pee sounds better and can be more beneficial for your heart.
Another doctor from Consumer Reports weighed in and stated:
“Supplements aren’t altogether safe. People are always prone to believe they are natural but that’s false”.
It seems that in this new era, the more artificial it is, the better it is. What is the intention? Turning into drones? I don’t know. But consumers should always account for the possible risks of rely too much on these products.(LINK 11)
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