domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

Things you should know before visiting the States

There’s a constant about the USA, and it’s change. The country’s spirit is seen in its impressive outlook and nature, which range from all the corners of the American land to the astounding skyscrapers in New York and Chicago, and even beyond those limits, to the first landing human on the moon. But, there are certain things (some of which are fun) you should know before visiting the US because they can help you explore and survive in the country during your stay.

1.    1.  Everything is open 24/7

If you get the munchies at around 2 am and you are in the United States, that’s not a problem. The American commerce ensures that you probably find at least a piece of cookie during the 24 hours of the day. You may drop by Slurpee at 3am and you will find it open or drive to Double Quarter Pounder at 2 am for a Supersize it without a problem.

2.      2.Country’s national parks are jaw-dropping

There are many national parks and they cover a total of 84 million across the country, which means you will see national parks even distributed in the four cardinal points.

3.     3. In America, tips are given out generously

It’s not obligatory to give a tip out in a restaurant but a waiter’s salary is low and tips compensate that problem.

4.   4.   New York is not the capital of the United States

The Capital of the United States is Washington D.C. but New York stands out because it represents one of the hubs of American commerce (probably the most important economically influential city in the country)

5.    5.  If you go to an American department store, you will probably be asked something like…

Do you want to open a credit card account? In fact, they are not asking if you are willing to open it or not. That’s an American custom to offer purchasers a credit card to make them spend more money. Just turn the offer down and bear with the shop assistants because you will likely be asked the same question several times. Don’t feel uncomfortable for this; American citizens have to go through this too.