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Different uses for home safes

Different Uses For Home Safes

When many people think of home safes they are drawn to thoughts of Hollywood movies, scenes where the villains break into homes of the rich and find safes hidden behind large paintings, behind moving panels or other ornate objects. Many people, because of this, blow off thoughts of getting a home safe thinking that those are for the rich and wealthy. This however, is simply not true. Home safes are for everyone who owns a home and has something important that they believe needs to be kept safe. Here is a look at different things you can use a safe at home for.

Surprisingly when people consider home safes they usually think of Hollywood motion pictures, scenes where the scoundrels break into homes of the rich and discover safes taken cover behind paintings, behind boards or other luxurious articles. Numerous individuals, as a result of this, turn away from thinking of getting a safe imagining that those are exclusively for the rich. Yet, this is not true at all. Home safes are for everybody who owns house owners and has something critical that they believe should be kept safe. Now let’s take a look at what things can be kept in those safes.
Jewelry and family heirlooms

When it comes to thinking of having a safe, it seems everybody tends to think safes are only for jewelry as it is known this is a common item kept in them,  especially if the pieces have any value. Jewelry can have value or not, or may be part of a family heirloom which usually includes pieces of art work or small antique pieces.

Important documents

Home safes are good when it comes to keeping some papers protected. Important documents like security cards, birth certificates and passports are things that shouldn’t be lying around your house, but should be kept in a home safe instead. There are other documents to be kept in a safe despite the fact they don’t have a value but are also important anyway. They are: insurance policies including auto, home, life and others. Marriage licenses and divorce papers, will, power of attorney papers, titles of properties that belong to you and important medical papers.

Computer hard drives and other computer data components

If you have a computer and you have saved private information on it, it is time to consider having a backup and store in a safe just in case. You might as well have a back up for other documents or photos. Besides this, there are some safes designed to hide other computer components that can fit into your home or even a college dorm. This is a precaution you could take bearing in mind that computers and laptops are one of the thieves’ favorite items, so considering keeping all the important information under lock.

As it is known, many people currently own guns and firearms. But having them unprotected can turn out to be a dangerous decision. So, home safes are an alternative, remember this can be a lifetime investment and other than that, you will also be protecting your children. By keeping your firearms in a safe, you will be putting them away from burglars, since this is a hot ticket item for them too.

Coins or Other Types of Collections

A home safe is appropriate to protect coins and other type of collection. Coin collections can have a good value, so keeping them in a safe is a good way to get them out of burglars’ sight.


Last but not least: Money. Money can be kept in a home safe in case of emergencies. Keeping a stash is always a good idea. Not many people would consider keeping some money there, so this action will probably minimize the chances for theft. 

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